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If you’re like Alex and looking to get on the property ladder, talk to us first – we’ll look at all the banks and lenders to make sure your mortgage is the best deal for you.

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Mortgages to suit

When it comes to mortgages, small details can mean a huge difference in the amount you end up paying for your home. We’ll take everything into account, including what you’ve got in your Kiwisaver account, to make sure that the mortgage you end up with has the best interest rates and is structured to help you pay it off as quickly as possible.

Why have us arrange your mortgage?
Better deals

Because we arrange lots of mortgages every year, we can negotiate better deals and added benefits with the lenders.

The right terms

Our experts will make sure your mortgage is structured correctly, so that you won’t run into trouble down the track – and you’ll pay it off quickly.

Investment advice

If you already own property and are looking to buy an investment property, we can arrange a mortgage that will grow your portfolio faster.


We can make it easier to refinance, so you can take advantage of the lenders’ great offers.

Look at all the banks at once

Even if you’ve been with a bank your whole life, it many not necessarily be the right lender for you. What you could borrow will vary hugely between the banks. That’s why we look at them to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your mortgage.

Less paperwork

You’ll have less hassle and less paperwork with The Lending Room arranging your mortgage. We’ll keep things as simple as possible for you.

How do I secure a mortgage?

The first step to getting into your first home is to talk to us first. We’ll help you understand the entire process, from understanding how much deposit you’ll need to have, to how much the mortgage will cost you down the track.

Then we’ll help negotiate with the different lenders on your behalf to get you the absolute best deal.

Even if you’ve got bad credit, not much deposit or a bit of debt, you should still get in touch – more often than not, we’ll be able to find a way to get you onto the property ladder.

Have had a wonderful experience. I have not done this before, it was easy.  The girls in the office were great, helpful and do anything to help. Would definitely use again and will recommend to anyone
Thanks again

I Griffiths

- I Griffiths
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